Questions & Answers

Is sign language an international language?

Like all natural languages, sign language is subject to national and regional differences. A national sign language exists in most countries and frequently has several different dialects.

The most widespread sign language in use today is American Sign Language (ASL). With regard to our target markets, German Sign Language (abbreviated DGS), British Sign Language (BSL) and Austrian Sign Language (ÖGS) are also very relevant.

An international, convention-based sign language called International Sign (IS) does exist. However, this “artificial” sign language is only used in certain contexts, such as at specific international conferences, and is therefore not very widespread.

Is lip reading an alternative to using sign language?

No, lip reading is not a viable alternative.

It is only useful for simple, everyday conversation (e.g., at the supermarket or in a restaurant) because too much essential information is lost.

How many deaf people are there in the world?

There are an estimated 70 million deaf people worldwide.